A Little Letter to the Woman Struggling to Conceive

To the woman struggling to conceive,

I’m sure you’re over seeing the pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, baby showers and anything else that is celebrating another baby that isn’t your own. I’m sure you’re tired of putting on a smile when really you want to cry….

I am a firm believer in God’s timing and God’s plan. It may seem like it’s never going to happen for you but I am here to reassure you that what is for you will be for you. What God plans for you , no man can take away or ruin.

Although I have not gone through this, I do empathize with you.

No, I do not understand what you are going thru but as a woman and as a mother, I know how hard it is to carry a child, how hard it is to be pressured to carry a child and etc.

I personally know several women that are struggling to conceive and I wish everyday that I could carry their child for them. I see the hurt in their eyes when their period was a day late but they still weren’t pregnant. I hear the hurt in their voice when they talk about the process that they have to go thru. Between shots, blood work, surgeries, miscarriages and more.
I know my words may mean nothing but I am here for you. I know you’re probably reading this thinking, “she could never feel what I’m going thru, she would never understand the hurt and pain I feel” and I have to say that you are right. I am not in your shoes and my journey and path of life is different than yours. But although I do not know exactly what you are going thru I can feel a slight glimpse of the pain you feel when you are talking to me about it. I can feel a slight glimpse of the hurt you feel when you share statuses and make post that are subliminal but really have a deeper meaning into your thoughts on struggling to conceive. I say all that to say this, the people around you feel it too. But, as much as a lot of us would love to carry your future child for you, we can’t.

I know that the reality of things are that not every woman will physically be able to carry a child. And some women will never be able to afford IVF or a surrogate. To that woman, you are no less of a woman because you don’t have children. You are strong and you deserve to be happy with yourself. I encourage the woman that cannot carry a child to adopt or foster. There are so many kids without homes that although the child wouldn’t share the same bloodline as you, they would still be yours 💚

Keep your faith sister, your time is coming.

In the mean time I am here to encourage you to prepare your body for carrying your future child. Eating healthy , staying as stress free as possible, vitamins and exercise. Talk to a nutritionist. Get a trainer and get your body in shape because your time will come!

To the woman struggling to conceive,

I see you 💚

By Brittani Parchment

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