Something Like a First Blog Post

In the mist of trying to figure out what I wanted to share first, I realized that I don’t even know what to blog. So I did some research, read other blogs, and watched some vlogs in hopes of gaining insight on how to properly blog. After much thinking I scratched out all the info that I read, watched and learned and realized that this is MY blog and it is for YOU. I should be getting tips, tricks, topics and etc from the people that will be reading it.

To introduce myself I will start by saying that my name is Brittani Parchment. I am a wife to my husband CJ and a mother to two beautiful kids, Caidence (1year old) and C3 (3 years old). Being a mother is a beautiful thing. But lets face the fact that there are some ugly moments. Postpartum depression being one of them. After having two kids and experiencing PPD twice, I have a lot to blog about.

The point of me blogging is to connect with other people that may share the same interest, goals, dreams, problems as me. I want to shed light on topics that are near and dear to my heart such as Postpartum depression and how it affected not only myself but my relationships. How I overcame it and ways that you can overcome it if you are struggling. I am a mother so I can relate to so many people out there. I want to talk about women empowering other women. Women have it hard out here and we have to stand tall together in order to succeed. My goal is for you as a reader to feel connected.

One thing I for sure wanted to share in my first post is a little about the #Momologymovement that my friend, Asia Ellis, and I have started. It’s a social media campaign and we would love for you to join in. The purpose of the movement is to let mothers know that they are not alone. So what you do is write down some advice that you wish you were told about being a mother and you hash tag #Momology and #Advice4you. Please visit my Instagram page @Mrs.Parchment to see some examples of the movement. Do not hesitate to join in, your advice matters.

My first blog is short and sweet so that you can get to know me. If you have questions, topics, advice or anything do not hesitate to email me at or write me on Instagram at @Mrs.Parchment. I appreciate you taking the time out to read my very first blog and cannot wait to share more with you.

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