The Mind Behind “Be Inspired”

Brandy Montgomery graduated from Auburn University and is currently getting ready for year three playing professional basketball overseas. While preparing for Greece she has taken the time to share her story and reveal what pushed her to create “Be Inspired”.

StayWhole is grateful to have Brandy apart of our foundation and has enjoyed watching her section evolve. She is continually engaging athletes on the subject of mental health and brings tough topics to the forefront. Her initiative for social change is admirable and has brought many athletes together on such a serious matter. We are so thankful for her joining our family and it shows how genuine and pure her character truly is. StayWhole was in the beginning stages and as we all know; it is hard to find people who believe in a mission when they can’t physically see what it can become. Led by faith, Brandy joined the StayWhole team and because of this she will always have a home here. As well as a place in all future endeavors as we continue to grow. Thank you for your loyalty and desire to impact the athletic community! We appreciate you!

It started my sophomore year of college. Me being my normal nice and super friendly self, befriended someone I shouldn’t have befriended. Barely even knowing this person, I opened up to them about some personal things in my life.. and from there, things started to spiral out of control. It’s like this person had become obsessed with me and wanted to make my life a living nightmare. At least that’s what it felt like at the time.

From personal information being told, to hacking my social media, to nearly almost causing me to lose my full basketball scholarship. For a year, I did not tell anyone what I was dealing with. No parents, coaches, or even my friends really knew! I didn’t tell them because I didn’t want all of my business to get out. Instead, I acted as if everything was okay but I was really breaking down on the inside. I eventually got to the point where I no longer wanted to be living through it anymore. I knew I had to speak up and tell someone who could get me the help that I needed. I couldn’t handle what I was going through alone. Being a student-athlete was already stressful enough.. imagine dealing with someone who was trying to ruin not only you, but coming for your family as well. Mentally, I was messed up. But, this moment led to me getting the help that I needed.

Today, I am so thankful that I decided to tell someone! And no, this person didn’t just go away immediately. But I began taking the steps needed to get myself back. I had completely lost myself due to the consistent harassment I endured. I began to meet with the schools sports psychologist weekly. Which eventually led to monthly. This helped me to get to know brandy a little better. And after sometime, my life went back to normal. I am so much stronger today from that experience. But I now want to help other athletes who struggle with anxiety, depression, or any mental health problems. I have dealt with all three in my life. But, most importantly I want them to know that they are not alone! Tell someone when you are struggling. This is what pushed me to join the StayWhole Foundation and create “Be Inspired”.

Brandy Montgomery

Professional Athlete

Instagram : B_mont10

Contact her directly or StayWhole if you would like to be featured on Be Inspired.

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