It all started the summer going into my sophomore year. I opened up to someone who I should not have opened up to about some personal things in my life. It led me down a dark road of harrasment, cyber bullying, and loosing myself completely! On top of dealing with this person, who seemed to have become obsessed with me and wanting to ruin my life… I also had to act like everything was fine while still juggling school and my sport. I didn’t tell anyone what I was dealing with because there were some secrets involved that I was not ready to let come out. So, I kept everything in… and became too much. Too much to the point where I felt like I didn’t want to live anymore. I felt like I was trapped inside of a box. I felt hopeless and like I had no one to help me. It made me depressed and drained mentally. After two years of dealing with it, I finally decided to call out for help! Immediately so many people came to my rescue and I realized that people really did care about me and they, themselves did not have any room to judge me. I started talking to a sports psychologist and that was a blessing as well. He really helped me to find myself again and helped me to build my confidence back. I came out of that darkness stronger than ever. I’ve grown and learned so much through that experience and hope my story can inspire someone else to not be afraid to ask for help. Everyone deals with mental health, and it shouldn’t be overlooked. But it is our job to tell someone!

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