March’s Astrology Forecast

This month brings us out of mercury retrograde and into the expansion of our selves in the realm of business and career. If the retrograde was utilized appropriately we have been addressing blockages that hindered natural growth and progression.

“The subconscious is our ally, but becomes a distraction if given too great a voice.” —Capricorn ♑︎

In our linear, masculine society we have deadlines to meet and bills to pay. It goes against our innate understanding that the planet is abundant and renewable. As the collective consciousness shifts back to the wisdom of the old ages, where the feminine principle was respected, honored, revered —important, we are faced with the task of aligning ourselves in a world that is ungrounded.

The transits this month with Lilith and Chiron will force us to step out of indecision on personal, private and public goals. It may happen quickly, subtly and possibly unpleasureably as we are still in mercury ℞ shadow period for another 2-3 weeks. We should expect to have greater clarity and emotional stability around the New Moon on the 24th.

On PI Day, the Sun moves into Pisces, on its way to conjunct Chiron on the 25th. This period of time is perfect for releasing what retrograde has uncovered, revealed and left for you to heal. Allow the transits in the sign of Capricorn to help you focus the gift of Piscean energy, to dive into and heal the subconscious mind — where the collective sometimes finds connection.

This month give yourself a moment to really address the limitations placed on yourself, in body, mind and spirit by yourself, past programming and the world around.

Recognize the difference between alignment and an agenda, and please rebel. —Lilith in Sagittarius ♐︎

The sun brings us opportunity to drive through the domain it resides in at any given time. With Mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn the energies of healing old wounds may shift gears into the realm of mercurial sexual relationships. (casual sex and fleeting intimacy in relationships)

Is it you they want or miss? Or is it …

For singles and those in stable relationships, be aware of the contracts you sign in business and how you are persuaded, courted and where some cases at risk for coercion. Make sure you’re not “sleeping with the enemy,” or having lustful intentions used against you.

I haven’t read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, but this seems like an appropriate reference for success in all endeavors at this time.

Be safe, be wise, protect your heart and wellness. With Love,

—Inanna ! 🌹

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