The Do’s and Don’ts of Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Mar 7

Mercury is officially Retrograde in the sign of Aquarius on the sidereal system. We recently had Venus transit Chiron in the sign of Pisces; a traditionally Neptunian sign. Old wounds connected to codependency and addiction have arisen. Asteroid Juno stationing retrograde on the 8th initiated an awareness of spousal roles and dynamic partnership, in alignment with Valentine’s day.

This is an opportune time to heal, but as per usual for retrogrades—there is high risk of projection.

Luckily things will not and should not get too ridiculous.

This retrograde does not favor the externalization of emotional chaos and is cold and airy in its approach. The plus side is that mercury is the only planet in retrograde movement. We won’t be extremely confused on the sources and causes of our unfavorable or fleeting emotions but it’s likely that we won’t even notice the shift. Be very careful.

Pay attention to what you say and what you trigger in others via speech or expression.

Mercury retrograde brings us to introspection. We tend to reflect and refine during this period. It is great for studying and taking courses as mercury directs us to put our mental energies inward. It is common for exes to come back, for old friends to resurface and for startling (or sudden) offers and opportunities to appear. Mercury is quick moving — so much of what is initiated during this time is short lived.

Be very kind to yourself. Mercurial and mercury ruled people have a higher propensity of being very critical or hard on themselves. Write your passing feelings and perceptions down, even the ones that do not seem to have a major impact on your wellbeing. It all adds up in the end.

For this and all retrogrades:


  • get adequate rest from social media and non-essential technology
  • spend time in self-soothing activities
  • be mindful in speech and communications: clarify clarify ! Proofread and revise
  • maintain boundaries and speak your needs mindfully
  • Create
  • Meditate
  • Sleep in good time, keep a regular sleep schedule.


  • let what others say or do define your self-concept
  • avoid or isolate yourself from supports
  • take out any pain or discomfort on others
  • emotionally spend or begin completely new projects
  • jump too far ahead in new romantic and/or business partnerships
  • run away from how you truly feel/suppress emotions.

You win retrograde by focusing on yourself. Follow mercury’s instruction and dive deep into your ocean. Just don’t forget to swim.

In love and expansion,

Inanna Astral

Bonus: I invented a new term today….it’s Retrobae.

What is a Retrobae?

A Retrobae is an ex or a love interest that only comes around during the season of mercury retrograde. Watch out for people who embody this planetary movement as they are looking for currency and are most likely to deplete your energy.

You’ll know it when you see it.

Listen: Kanye—When I See It

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