April’s Forecast

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Today’s Super Pink Moon in Sidereal Virgo brings us to analyze what we have lingering in the subconscious and in our shadows. We are supported by Mercury → Pisces ♓︎ (≈7:00pm ET) aspects with Jupiter and Pluto.

CGI interpretation of April’s Super Pink Moon

Mercury on its way to conjunct with Chiron squares the Nodes of Destiny in Gemini and Sagittarius from now to the 16th, in an exact aspect on Sunday April 12th at 12:36am ET.

There is a message about duality and the “true nature of things,” amplified by our current climate under quarantine. #stayhome

Mercury in Pisces ♓︎ brings us omens, warnings, synchronicities and apprehension in exploring the unknown. This is not a time to be radical but revolution is welcomed. We are encouraged by these transits to clear the clutter of our minds and spaces; to be very wise about our health and wellbeing.

Mars in Capricorn ♑︎ square Uranus in Aries ♈︎ amplifies a similar message of Mercury in Pisces opposed this Pink Moon in Virgo. Be attentive and careful or choose to rest from pushing the envelope. As Uranus rules technology, it could be time to assess our relationship(s) with technology on a personal and societal level. (i.e. How today’s technology hurts or helps us.) I’m looking at you IG.

There’s been a lot of controversy around EMF and cell tower technology. In some communities, people have voiced their concerns on the implementation of technology that would improve telecommunications. Noting that the technology has not been researched in its interaction with human and planetary health. I’ve always said that wireless technology might be the new cigarette.

When Pluto & Lilith go retrograde in Sagittarius on the 25th, a change in the realm of 5G and/or the coronavirus pandemic may begin if not already underway.

This month we have many squares to the financial sectors. We have already observed controversy and confusion (if you are and are not an economist), with corporate bailouts from the government. As a collective in the United States we have had our illusions broken regarding money, sudden changes spurred on by Uranus in Aries. Many people have lost their jobs and are finding themselves looking for alternative work. Colleges, universities and local schools are adjusting to internet learning. We have a complete shift occurring right now which is only likely to go deeper over the next few months.

Mercury is the highlight of this show for April, preparing us to be ready to adjust to something that is outside of our comfort zone but ultimately works out in the end. Saturn retrograde in mid-May will turn us even further inward to recover, uncover and even destruct what has been limiting change into a new system.

A particular transit to watch out for in April is Venus in Taurus trine △ Juno, which is retrograde in Virgo.

There may be a lot of divorces as well as commitments being made at this time through quarantine. Asteroid Juno is bringing us to realize the financial nature of most romantic relationships. It may feel like the 1950s to some and a new era to others. This year we have to be very careful by being aware of what influences us into partnerships.

The way things are going, it just might be based in fear and lack.

What you do with this information that you receive during this time is up to you. Humanity has been further pushed into its primal needs because of this health crisis and the resulting sudden shifts in the economy.

We will make many decisions this month that are based in mostly individual philosophies on how to live in various potential futures. We are ultimately figuring out how to be safe and stable in a quickly changing world.

We may put our pride aside or express it even more. Either way, everyone is going to do what is best for them.

—Inanna Nefertem @astral.nyc

I’ve had a few challenges pushing through blockages to writing astrology. I considered giving up on this a few times. This is such a healing process for me, writing for StayWhole, having accountability to #TheSwholemates.

If you’d like to keep up with my journey and get more weekly posts on astrological transits, follow my Instagram @astral.nyc

I look forward to what the journey will bring.

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