Breaking Before Broken

Dear Swholemates,

There are times in life when no matter how much we love a certain thing we still need to take a break and create some space before we become burned out. When the feeling of burnouts start to arrive that usually means you haven’t been having the proper self care and managing your time with it appropriately .

For the last two to three years of my life StayWhole has consumed every waking moment and even has interrupted many dreams when I am asleep. The love and passion I have towards StayWhole is more than I can handle and although this is a good thing. I feel like most things in life… We must achieve optimal balance because too much of something is bad and too little of something is bad as well.

I’ve poured so much energy into StayWhole and I have had people come in and out of helping me. Which also can be extremely frustrating due to not having that consistency just yet. Which comes with the territory of trying to build something bigger than you and impact many lives while doing so. I have began to hit this point of angst and discomfort with StayWhole and it made me really sit back and think. Do I keep pushing through it or do I take a break?

Well, I came to realization that I would rather take a long break before I become broken and give up on StayWhole completely. Then with giving up comes the feeling of failure and letting down the Swholemates that has been impacted so far..

I can’t give up on the community I love oh sooooo much. I can’t let the Swholmates or Swholetes down, but I do hope that each and everyone of you accept me taking a break from the foundation for awhile so that I can really come back to this thang feeling strong enough to take it to the next level.

I will be active on StayWhole Media though. Writing you letters of how I feel during this time and sharing my heart with the people I love so much. You guys have uplifted me and pushed me to be a better human each and every day. I no longer do this for me. I do this for all of you. I know what my purpose in this world is and I will live up to it. I have too!

So as always loves, StayWhole!!

Jaitesha Janeen

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