It’s been amazing to see the class of 2013 prosper in more ways than just on the court! To see everyone making an impact and giving back to the very community that helped us get where we want to go is AMAZING! With that said I am super excited to talk about one of the best players in the 2013 class, Ieshia Small! I have had the honor to play against her, and with her. Her length, athleticism, frame, handle…. the list can go on. Gave everyone nightmares. Heck, I even had nightmares! Seeing her go on to play in college and make an impact and now if giving back to women’s athletics in more than one way is something to DEFINITELY “Be Inspired” by.

If you knew her story you would see why she holds the power to make a change. She is dripped in strength and determination and it has been a pleasure to watch. I would share her story, but it would do no justice coming from my keyboard. Hopefully one day we can have her on the StayWhole podcast and she can tell us herself! Until then what we will share is her new podcast called #SMALLTALK!

I have listened to almost every episode so far, and let me tell you. This is the next level. Who else is able to get one of the best… if not, THE BEST COACH IN WOMAN’S BASKETBALL HISTORY DAWN STALEY on an episode? I am seriously concerned if you are in the sports population and haven’t tuned in to here these two masterminds attack the recruiting portal. It is such great information to tap into! I absolutely love where this podcast is headed and I can not wait to see how big it gets in the future… Like I said before, Ieshia is determined and doesn’t seem like the type to take no for an answer! I know that with her energy behind this it will become monumental. In the meantime tune in, subscribe, and support her on this journey! The StayWhole team definitely is!

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