BedTime Thots

Hey good humans, beautiful people. We are Alyssa and Juliette– best friends of 6 years. Your dynamic Libra/Gemini duo.

Our friendship began freshman year of college when Alyssa fed lactose-intolerant Juliette, cheese. Literally the next day, we became roommates and would live together for the following 4 years. Definitely something we’ll tell you about in the podcast!

Throughout college we grew and found our place in the LGBTQ+ community together. We found a sense of belonging and our chosen family in each other. We experienced our first pride parade together, which became a tradition we have yet to break.

Over the course of our friendship, we have often discussed things that keep us up at night– topics regarding our communities, our experiences, and how we navigate through these streets as black queers. We decided to create this podcast to share those conversations with the world.

During this process, we’ve often found ourselves wondering, “who are we to be talking about this?” We questioned if we were the right people to fill this place (and quite honestly, we still wonder that), but we’ve realized that there is enough room for us– there is enough space for black queer creators.

Representation matters– #blacklivesmatter & #blackvoicesmatter

Our goal for this podcast is to empower those in our community to learn, grow, and find their voices along with us.

We hope you come along with us on our podcast journey wherever you get your podcasts. @bttpodcast

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