Hustle Keys & Special Guest

Hey StayWhole Fam! Hope you had a great week and your Sunday has been grounding. Last week we had the pleasure of having Anthony Colins on Get On the Line and Chris Findeisen on Soul Hustle. Special thank you to both of our guest for taking the time to add value to our lives. If you have not subscribed please do so and support us on this journey! Check out the episodes below.

Attacking Career Transitions Soul Hustle

This bonus episode is about releasing the fear to transition into that career and life that will allow you to be fulfilled. It challenges you to live in the purpose that gives you joy and satisfaction for your life. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Attacking Career Transitions
  2. Riding The Waves! Ft Ron Mack
  4. Tesh’s Interlude
  5. Hustle & Flow

Game Changing App that Promotes a Growth Mindset for Athletes Get On The Line

Designed for Athletes, Built to Mentor See how simple, powerful technology can create more meaningful relationships. Win Every Day of the Week Student-athletes get seven wins in just seven minutes a week. Daily commitments drive accountability. Athletes better understand themselves and learn to attack each week with more clarity. Daily reps for conscientiousness A seven-day cadence of power habits trains student-athletes to set goals, assess mental skills and reflect on the week. Set goals on Monday Set read, train and give weekly goals to improve self-control and direction. →  What will I read to sharpen my mind? →  What is my plan to train my body? →  What will I do to elevate others? Assess mental skills daily Pause and assess four mental skills to improve personal awareness. →  How well am I concentrating right now? →  How well am I blocking out distractions? →  How well am I communicating? →  How well am I attacking the day? Reflect and plan on Sunday Reflect on successes and challenges to fuel growth. →  What were my wins and moments of strength? How will I build on them? →  What were my challenges? How will I grow from them? Coaches Understand the Athlete Mindset It takes time to develop meaningful relationships. Sevwins accelerates the process. As athletes engage with Sevwins, data flows in – straight from the minds of young adults. Coaches see every athlete as an individual. And because Sevwins is a daily engagement system, athlete and team accountability is easily understood and nurtured. Synchronize the Athlete Support Network MindPrint gets all influencers working together to support and accelerate an individual athlete's growth. Now, athletes have the option to share their weekly goals, assessments and reflections with trusted people that will help them achieve success. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Game Changing App that Promotes a Growth Mindset for Athletes
  2. Resilience w/ former Kentucky and NBA star Chuck Hayes
  4. Mentee and the Mentor ft Alex Kimball
  5. Athletic Trainers ft Jen Galuski

Hustle Keys

Enjoy the Hustle Keys of each episode!! We will be dropping these once a week highlighting the key takeaways from our episodes. These short snippets could add value you to your day and others so be sure to subscribe and share! Here are our first two below.

Soul Hustle – Monday at 8AM
Get On The Line – Wednesday at 8AM

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