StayWhole Fam GIVEAWAY!?

Before you get into the rest of this blog StayWhole Fam, click play on the video so you can feel the energy we are conveying!!

Now…. You can begin!

This post is all about our StayWhole Family who has consistently given us so much love and support over the past couple years! We are so thankful for you growing with us and donating to our foundation to help uplift the community!! None of it goes unnoticed !

As we promised, here is a video from the shopping haul to get goodies for the Kind Mouse Organization who gives food to underprevilaged kids. Enjoy this sweet message from one of our board members Reggie Hanson!


We are excited to announce that has created a way for our StayWhole family to support the mental health movement even more! You now have the option to join a subscription plan and help donate monthly from as low as 99 cents to 9.99 being the max! To celebrate this awesome opportunity to help our Media Production team grow even more we are doing a give away!!

For each person that subscribes you will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a prize based on the level of subscription you choose! There are three different tier levels. For those who decide to subscribe to both podcast your chances will be DOUBLED!

  • Tier level one (.99) – $25 Restaurant Gift Card
  • Tier level two (4.99) – Echo Dot valued at $34.99
  • Tier level three (9.99) – $50 Best Buy Gift Card

Click the Link’s below then click on SUPPORT to get entered to win & subscribe to one or both of our podcast!

5% Where!?

The StayWhole Wellness & Media team is on the grind to start paying our creators, as well as always giving 5% to our foundation StayWhole. This percentage will continue to rise as we build our business up! This media site is ran by the people and for the people. Most have shared their story for free, created videos, and music just to share their story and help others. The StayWhole Media team would like to be able to stipend those who have helped. The creative community does not get enough credit for the art they give to this world and we would like to shine our light on them as much as possible! If you would like to donate any amount we would be so thankful! 5% will go to our foundation and the rest of the proceeds will go to paying the people who power our website!! We need you to continue to be a voice in change and innovate the mental health world! It starts with our StayWhole Family! It starts with YOU. We appreciate the love forever and always!


Make a one-time donation

Make a monthly donation

Make a yearly donation

Choose an amount


Or enter a custom amount


Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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