Trevond Barnes IS More Than the Game

Wisdom knows no age, wisdom knows no boundaries, wisdom knows no limits. The other day I got the privilege to meet with the master mind behind More To The Game and one thing I can truly, full heartedly say, is this man IS his brand. Through and through.

Trevond is 23 years old with answers of someone who has done this life over a million times. I am pretty sure he was sent back to this generation to help lead the masses into enlightenment. Before we get into his movement let’s get to know this genuine soul!

Trevond competed at the Division 1 level at Hampton University for all four years whilst getting his degree in Finance. He spoke of interest in being an Athletic Director, but for now he is rehabing an ACL tear so he can get back to professionally competing! If that does not scream RESILIENCE, I don’t know what does. Have you had an ACL tear before? That journey is survived by nothing but strength and dedication. I have no fear when it comes to his return! Trevon, you WILL prevail!

* Also make sure to check out today’s episode of Get On The Line ! This seasons theme is resilience and we gave him a special shout out! *


Trevon Barnes

More To The Game has created its own lane amongst the movement that athletes are more than the sport they play. His movement broadcast that there is life after sports and that all athletes are limitless.

The one thing that really caught my eye was how he is implementing his business/finance background, along with everyday sports banter and stories from athletes experiences. While scrolling through his YouTube video catalog I came across one of the “Business Athlete” episodes and two things hit me. One, after years of schooling and young adulthood I still don’t grasp the essence of credit and two this man is on to something!

To imagine a business school for athletes would be crazy… or would it? Just off the top of your head. How many athletes do you know are financially sound and ready for the real world when they graduate? Imagine if they had Trevond’s Business Athlete sessions fused with their academic programming whilst being in school? That definitely would make many athletes believe there is more to the game !!

Health is WEALTH

Now, to think you were going to make it through a StayWhole Media article, and not get hit with mental health insight is unrealistic. Of course we had to ask this visionary what his thoughts were on the mind. Tune in !

What do you think about mental health amongst the athletic community?

I want them to understand that health is more than just the physical, and to be an successful athlete you can’t just go off of pure talent and natural athleticism. You do have to be mentally tough, but you have to make sure you are taking care of all aspects of your self as well in order to have a fruitful life during and after sports.

What are a few things you would like to tell upcoming athletes?

Time management is sooooo important. Being able to manage your homework, sleep, workouts, and also prioritize what is more important will be so beneficial. I understand that when you first get to college many of us are accessing that freedom we have never been use to and want to socialize and get into different things, and you can. You just have to make sure you priorities are handled first. I also encourage them to be open to learning and communicating. The more you learn and open yourself to new things your perception of life will deepen.

What does StayWhole mean to you?

StayWhole to me means staying true to yourself , taking care of the relationship with your mind and having a balanced development.


How did I find this awesome platform? I scrolled on my Instagram timeline and ran into a bunch of passionate athletes yelling at each other. This banter gave me everything I needed to click on the page and begin the downward spiral into the More To The Game blackhole! To join me in the blackhole of enlightenment make sure to follow & subscribe to Twitter , Instagram, Youtube, & the Podcast ! Also click down low to watch the Debate Squad!!! I think my favorite debater has to be K’lynn Willis !! Her facial expressions says it all!! Tune in !!

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