StayWhole Media Is home to all things creative. We strongly believe that self expression in any form can be beneficial to boosting your mental health! One of the areas we are focused on growing right now is our podcast network! Right now we have 6, but we will continue to grow and expand all over the world.

The Family

Soul Hustle : Your dream is free, but the H U S T L E is sold separately! Come join us on this soul searching journey of attracting what’s yours while doing the work and creating your reality. The hustle might be sold separately, but with the right tools and guidance, obstacles will be seen as ways to achieve goals and be resilient.


Get On The Line : A fusion between sports and mental health talk! Different perspectives on college athletics, student-athlete life, transitioning from being an athlete to the workforce, special guest speakers and more.


Pixie Dust : Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. It’s messy, frustrating and annoying sometimes. Join your host Jen and her guests as they openly talk about all the things they’re going through and what’s helping them. All it takes is a little pixie dust!


The Veterans Zone : The Veterans Zone is a place where Veterans can come and share their stories and experiences during their time serving in the armed forces as well as the challenges and obstacles they faced upon transition to civilian life.

This show is about giving the Veterans a voice to be heard so people can better understand them and what they went through in order to protect our country.

Alignment Queens : Join two of StayWhole’s team letting their hair down and sharing the journey of life together! Tune in because you are never going to know what you are going to get! First episode is all about Letting Go… of labels, perfectionism, yourself, toxic relations, social media and yo wall ! Hope you guys enjoy us cutting up and try the “Set Up”


The Mancave Ft A Cool Dude & A Coach

Join “A Cool Dude” and “A Coach” as they enter The Mancave and talk all things sports-related. As well as special guests coming to kick it with them as well. You are not going to want to miss our amazing host Marvin and Drew. TUNE IN!


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