In order to bring in the new energy, the old has to be released. For this to happen space has to be made. StayWhole was created during my last couple of years in college and it is so amazing how much it has grown in the past four years!! I am thankful for all the help, the support, donations, and good energy surrounding it. If it wasn’t for people believing in the vision and the importance of mental health I wouldn’t have made it this far. I know this sounds like a farewell… and it is, but this farewell is extremely personal to me.

Saying good bye to the first ideas and limited thinking surrounding StayWhole has been really tough to put my mind around, but in order for me to see what is coming all of that has to be released. StayWhole has seemed to always run parallel with my life path as well. Right now I am releasing everything that has drained me, caused more anxiety than peace, and has made me feel stuck. This has allowed a flow of clarity to enter my life that all though is tough to navigate, it is allowing me to grow in ways that I couldn’t see before. With this new perspective it is only right that I bring this to StayWhole. With all of this said.. I am excited to completely start over with StayWhole and it’s many components!!

A new game will be started with new lives 😉 Keep your eyes open…

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