Munchies With Kia

When I asked my sister why she loves to cook… She said, and I quote… “Shits good & fun, also… I am really good at it.” Haha!

I couldn’t agree more.. Every time we talk about food or she talks about her dreams the word chef always comes up.. Something I’ve learned from this enlightened being is that no matter how tough life gets never give up and try to find the positive in it.. Her journey inspires me every day and she has given me so much clarity without even knowing it. It’s time I return the favor in the only way I know how.. And that is being the visionary I seem to always be. I see my sister reaching all of her dreams. A restaurant, a food truck, her own brand of food, and her own natural line of medicine as my mom would call it, haha. My sister is brilliant and it’s time the world sees what I get to see everyday. This section of StayWhole Media is Munchies with Kia and she will be sharing her different creations, restaurant reviews, and foodie experiences. It’s time we put her light in to the world and it’s time everyone get a chance to experience the love I feel in my belly every time she cooks. With all this said.. SAKIASON LETS DOMINATE THE FOOD INDUSTRY! You cook and clean… and I will handle the rest… (Which to be honest this has always been the dynamic, yes I am spoiled by my sister.. )

Any who, follow her journey on here and for now on Tik Tok under ChefKiaHanson. If you would like her services reach out to us!! Stay tuned for a website too! Now keep on scrolling to catch more vibes!

Foodie Heaven 

For those who know me… YOU KNOW.. I love food. Since COVID has started I have became the DoorDash and UberEats queen. I am realizing that I am wasting soooo much money due to the instant gratification of food being at my door in less than an hour. No dishes to wash and a huge variety. I feel that if anyone should have my money it should be my sister and I am so excited that she will be doing my meal prep! I have been needing to clean up my eating habits in order to help with my mental , physical, and spiritual health…. and Sakiason will be keeping me on track!! Today we will be going to the grocery store and getting containers, mason jars, meat, vegetables, and alllll that good stuff. I am so excited to be the official taste tester and explore all that different creations she will give me weekly!! Munchies with Kia has officially commenced!!

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