Trust Yo Gut

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The first mini series of Alignment Queens has come to an end and from the first episode to the fifth you would have thought we cracked the universes code, but that’s a NEGATIVE!! Haha, we hope you enjoyed two friends bantering about the questions we have about the universe and the answers we are continuously searching for.

Today we released the last part titled “Trust Yo Gut” and we explore our intuition and consciousness. Sometimes you just know you are suppose to be where you are and no one understands that but you.. How interesting is that? That flow of awareness that blinds you to the point it controls your life and leads you towards your destiny… Life is a gift.. It’s your perception that shapes your experience..

Do You Even See Me !? Alignment Queens

Welcome to season 2 of Alignment Queens! This mini series will dissect many topics with our guest Alex!! Enjoy this first episode as two souls talk about getting their shit together!
  1. Do You Even See Me !?
  2. Trust Yo Gut
  3. Testing Testing 1..2…3
  4. The Chosen Ones
  5. Fate & Destiny

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