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Fate & Destiny

Finally 2021. Thank you. We haven’t been on here in a whole year, bro. Ain’t that crazy?

Like, damn, I missed you.

Not me smacking. So. Wait, what are you snacking on? All right. Anyways, welcome back guys. We thought it’d be nice. It was totally Leon. His idea. She was like alignment, Queens side eyes. Why not? Beside I email. There’s so much to talk about. Bring out the magical notes, also in the dark. So give me a second.

Um, okay. Okay. Well, we’ll start from the beginning of what our conversation started off as earlier was, um, you said something that was very interesting. And I was like, Oh yeah, that’s the first thing I wrote down. And you said depressed, people can fix themselves. They’re very creative. And that sometimes they just ask you to laugh with them.

Instead of talk sadly about what’s going on. Oh, I’m so happy you made this the first, the first one. Okay. It’s so true though. It’s like, we don’t forget. Okay. So for me, I guess it is, this can go for everything. Not even depressed people. It’s like, if we know we feel a certain way, that’s why we go around like-minded people.

Cause then we can laugh about our situations together. It’s like, okay. I learned this today in school, other business in this, I felt this, this and this. And then you’re like, bro, I did this, this and that. So it’s like, I understand where they’re coming from. We don’t have to be tiptoeing around the truth, I guess.

Yeah. Like I always say your job is so interesting and that I wish I could be a fly on the wall. They just hear all the crazy cool conversations that you have with your patients. So it’s crazy. Like the thought that depressed people, people who are suffering from depression, let’s say it that way are seeing life in like a whole nother light.
Light. Yeah. Okay. It’s it’s cool because when you listen to them, literally, like, I know what’s wrong with me. I know I have these thoughts. I know the life I’ve lived, but honestly, do we have to talk about this? I’d rather laugh about the fact that I have these issues and I’m learning to live with it. And I was just like, that makes so much sense.

I would rather laugh about it than sit here and be like, Sorry, trigger warning for anyone who’s listening, who is literally heavier, but for the lack of better ways to put this, one of my patients was literally like, yeah, like imagine going to a group meeting and you say, yeah, like sometimes I have thoughts of suicide and everybody kind of chuckles because it’s like, yeah, I get it.

And I was just like, wow, like that’s a very part. It makes sense. Cause they’re not. Freaking out because it’s a valid feeling that depression comes with, but then you talk to somebody that’s not aware of how depression works. So they’re just kind of like, Oh my gosh, depression, ugly creature. That one it’s like it, you don’t, it creeps up on you.

I feel like when you start it and you don’t know what it is, but you start seeing like red flags of yourself. Like I don’t usually stay in bed past this time, or I don’t usually. I don’t know, avoid my phone for this long, what literally hit my wall this week. It was just like, I don’t even know why I’m crying anymore.

This is cool. But time it’s like, yes, it’s hard to live with, but I also feel like I love it. I love it at the same time, because like you said, it gives you like another perspective on life. It’s like all these things that happen, I’m able to. Laugh that, or I’m just like in the life or it makes you, I think, I think it makes you live more or any experience you have, it forces you to live more and kind of just be more open and accepting.

Yeah. It’s like just in the quiet thoughts, right? Because I feel like when people are feeling. Down or upset or irritated and anxious, anything they’re quiet. And so it’s more time for reflection. And even though reflection may lead to overthinking, I mean, I think those who are suffering from it, maybe thinking the most out of any regular person without it.
Ooh. Yeah.

Yeah. It’s so true. And that’s why like that, like they could literally fix themselves, you know, when somebody is like, um, I have this problem, but I don’t want you to fix it. I just want you to listen to me. Yeah. That’s literally an example of that. It’s like, we all know what our issues are. We probably know how to fix it.
You do. We want to know we’re taking our time. We are writing away you. Right. But we just want to be heard. And I think that’s the moral of the story is people just want to be heard. People want to be humanized, not diagnosed. That was good. Yeah, that was good.

I was just like, dang. Okay.

And then also another thing, and you also mentioned it on the powerful, sticky notes is just the Tivity link. Like, I feel like creativity and I’m going to prove this and y’all going to see my name in a book one day. Cause I’m going to make this theory. Right. You just have to manifest that you guys now that wait for it.
But I just feel like creativity and mental health in general has a huge link. How. Not there yet, but it’s definitely there because I see it, like when I’ve talked to all these people, they all have a creative way to get through how they feel. Rather it’s creating bracelets. Cause one of my patients brought me in a bracelets cause she just likes doing bracelets.

And I was like, wow, this is awesome. And her, or I do this when I’m anxious, I was like, there is a link. That’s crazy. You know what I just thought of? Like, I feel like. What you just described for normal people, quote, unquote normal. Cause what’s really normal, but like an outlet. You, you said it in a crazy way though.
You said a creative way to deal with the problem, but you really just described an outlet. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. So creativity is an outlet. That’s the wink. It is like one of the men have, cause I mean, I guess working out would be an outlet for some, depending on what energy you’re releasing. Yeah. Reading, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping is a big one, but yeah, like the creativity that comes out of them, they find very creative ways to work around the problem.

Yeah. Cause when you think about especially music in the last year, we’ve lost so many people, but they’re all were talking about how they were feeling, which makes you kind of wonder about the people around them. Like you hear them making this music and you don’t say nothing, but it’s interesting. It’s so interesting.
I got to speak on this thought that I had earlier today. Um, I was, you know, writing in my little journal writing when I write and. How many know that I write, but when I’m frustrated, I write poetry can see me though. And I was reading them. I wasn’t writing them. I was reading them. And in my head, I was like, sometimes the most creative stuff comes out of when you’re upset.

Right. Cause I only write when I’m upset and I realized I never write when I’m content and when I’m happy. Okay. And then I thought of all the artists, Adele, the weekend, Drake, all of them are writing when they’re sad. Is there a connection? Yes. Great Tivity to any type of sadness? Oh, a hundred percent.
It’s like, how do we use that? Not only to see warning signs, because I feel like when you read somebody East or see their art, like think of even the artists, the painters, they said half of them jokers were crazy. Like van Gogh, you say a lot of them were pretty out there people and they knew they had issues, but back then mental health, wasn’t a thing.

So they literally were like, Oh, they’re crazy. But they made beautiful pieces. And. The creative expression, but I realized that I was like, and I obviously it’s been a realization for a long time. People write when they’re sad, the most emotion comes out of when you’re feeling a very specific type of hurt.

But I realized that I wa I, I never written when I was happy. And so in my book, I was looking at all my sad poems and all my, just my poems. And I wrote down the date today. I wrote January 15th, 2021. And I brought, it was the, probably the first happy thing I’ve ever in, in this book. And it was three lines
feeling, light, feeling new feeling whole me.

And it was so short, but I was like, that was it.

But so. Like, even though it was short, it said so much, it said all that needed to be said. Yeah, that was the first happy thing. And then I wrote it and I looked at it and I was like, Oh, okay. I like where this is headed. I can write happy.

That’s that’s interesting. Cause for. Oh, while I kind of was tracking when I would do what I did, creativity create tidbits. Anyways, I was tracking for a while just seeing why we do what I do. And I found when I was writing, it was mostly when I was heard about any type of love situation. Like love is my link.

Yeah. When I’m dancing, it’s normally anxiety. I’m feeling anxious. So I need to move and just get this energy going somewhere. When I feel like painting or something, it’s usually because I want to escape. So it’s like for a while I just tracked like, I’m painting today. Why am I painting? Because I feel this type of way.

And I started seeing these connections and I was like, there has to be something there’s no way there’s not. Cause it’s like, yeah, like I was saying earlier, I feel like the more over analyzed you are like, the more creative you are in it’s too much for our brain mentally, but it’s like, our soul loves it, but our brain can’t handle it and it freaks us out.

I think that’s when we clock out. I think that’s when you’re just like, all right, I need a break for this. We got to have these two quick. Exactly. Hey, it’s like thinking about how Einstein has a theory that still holds for forever energy. Doesn’t go anywhere. Like energy does not die. He figured this out, but they also said he was loopy, like insane, but he hasn’t.

It has made such a huge Mark in our history. If you go back to all the people who have made a Mark, they’ve all been like over analyzers, probably suffered from a mood disorder or something is strange or different. I don’t know. There’s that, that brought me to an interesting thought that we had been talking about earlier and that I wrote on my sticky notes because we were so caught up on it was like the idea of destiny and fate and traumas.

It was so good. It was like, is that how we were meant to be. Were we always that way in our traumas just like amplified everything or did those traumas make us who we are? And if that’s the case, does assigned being a Gemini mean anything? Oh my gosh, it’s happening. It’s happening. The conversation just went there, which is so interesting.

And even earlier I was so mind blown because I even took it as far as saying like, If you believe in the whole soul thing, and we have an afterlife and we’re born to have like specific people in our lives, then what is free? Well, if we’re going to meet that person, regardless of what we do, and this conversation blew me earlier because Tish said something crazy too.

She was like, do we really have free will or are these lessons that are just happening putting us in direction that we think we should be going? But it was always the direction we were meant to be going. Yeah. Like I really don’t have free will at this point. I think we can decide to do whatever we want, but we’re still going to end up where we are like, think about all those friends you wish you had, but for some reason it just never worked or those relationships you wanted, but it just never worked because you guys either, I don’t know something crazy would just get in the way that you had no control of.

I always said this too. I was like, timing is a big timing. Always gets in the way. And I always get hit by bad timing. And then I’m like, great, look back. Was this bad timing? Or was this just what was meant to happen? Exactly. And that’s why it’s like fate and destiny. I think they really do exist. And I think free will is just a creative way of saying, yeah, you can make your choice, but you’re going to end up exactly where you’re supposed to be.

And that’s where the whole thing, everything.

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