What’s up StayWhole Fam!! We are back at it with Season 2 of Get On The Line & Soul Hustle !!

Get On The Lines theme for season 2 is “ARE YOU OKAY?” Many athletes get this question & has built a robotic response to it already. So what we will be doing is throwing different modalities and approaches you can take in order to check to see where your players, students, or anyone is at!

The first two episodes has been released visually and across all platforms!

SSSOOOOUUUUULLLLL HUSTLE!! Also is back and 2 episodes in! The theme of this season is allllllllll about the Tree Of Life & how it’s a great representation of you & your journey! Sometimes taking a trip back to your roots and revisiting your inner child can be rewarding!

We hope to push new narratives and open minds to the many possibilities in our lives!!

If you would like to be a guest on any of our podcast please let us know!! We would love to have you !

Here are the links and handles to where to find us.

Twitter : StaywholeM

Anchor :

YouTube :

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