The Origin

StayWhole was founded in 2018 while the founder, Jaitesha Hanson was in college. It was created to help bring mental health awareness to the Athletic Community. Fast forward to 2020 when StayWhole Media first kicked off, and you find Asia Royster, who is now the Athletic Director of StayWhole sharing her story wholeheartedly and submitting a strong stamp of transparency within our organization.

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This is the Origin. This is a full circle moment. This is StayWhole HISTORY. All energy is recycled and repurposed. Her story along with many other stories shared by athletes is even more impactful NOW, than it was two years ago.

StayWhole Athletic program is here to help build “whole” athletes. StayWhile athletes will strengthen there mind, body, and spirit with ex-athletes who knows what it was like helping them every way.

Without Athletes.. StayWhole wouldn’t exist.


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