Kintsugi // to join with gold

This Japanese word is a reminder to embrace imperfections and in the art community it is a reminder that any broken piece can be joined by gold.

Perfect Imperfections

StayWhole was disassembled and had no direction for a while until Faye Harvey, Director of Curriculum & Agriculture brought “The Garden” to our attention. The concept of presenting a mix of education, agriculture, and wellness was nothing heard of. That meeting alone sparked the new direction. Faye trusted us with her organization and StayWhole became pieced together by gold. Repurposed in order to house such a brilliant and needed presence in the community.


StayWhole has rebranded to Mind, Body, & Spirit to allow use to teach complete wellness and push pass all boundaries. Our Director Faye created the first event for StayWhole 2.0 and this event housed each and every component of our programs. Her addition to the StayWhole family is of great value.

To support the agriculture program purchase a shirt down below ! All proceeds goes directly to the program.


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