StayWhole has always worked to allow the mind a safe space to thrive. Mental wellness has always been the theme, and our OG Swholemates found a home within us. They would be vulnerable in the stories they shared and supportive in the comments they made on post. StayWhole has always offered a hand to those who felt like life’s challenges were overwhelming. They were always met with genuine love!

The Mind Director, Lianna Malawski also found a safe space with StayWhole & shared two amazing blog post showing great insight of how powerful the mind really is and how it’s takes a community to help you.

Now, two years later here we are, and she is leading the charge! StayWhole is thankful to have an OG believer officially join the team. What does the logo of the mind department represent? Lianna shared, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link right, so the dandelion really for me embodies the flow of our minds and the SW mind around it is like the community keeping you together when parts drift.”

The StayWhole community will always and has always been a safe space for the mind. Support mind programs by purchasing a t-shirt below!


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