It’s #givingtuesday & we want you to know how we want to elevate The Bay!!!


  1. In Tampa 1 in 6 live in depression

StayWhole Mind programs will impact the Tampa community through all aspects of mental wellness. Retreats, educational classes, mentorship and more. The mind is where we live our lives. It needs to be a safe space .


  1. In Florida since 1990 obesity has steadily increased

The Body program will join the fight in increasing better health and longevity of life by hosting fitness events and adding educational components on nutrition through out our community. Not only that, we will attend to our athletic community to make sure they have the opportunity to become a WHOLE athlete.


  1. Tampa’s educational system does not support creative learners and research has shown that only 56% meet the educational standards. Imagine if we created a system for all learners to thrive?

StayWhole Spirit programs is where we strive to impact the hearts of those in our community. To find purpose and alignment within yourself is the key mission of StayWhole spirit. Each event will force you to shift perspective and trust your inner voice.

Tampa is home to many diverse communities and StayWhole is here to welcome each and every person with open arms. Help us create the change you want to see by donating or sponsoring us today 🌀

It takes a village 🌏

Support StayWhole

TEXT STAYWHOLE to 44-321 to support or email us at contact@staywholefoundation.org for sponsorship opportunities

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