Alignment Queens

Join two of StayWhole’s team letting their hair down and sharing the journey of life together! Tune in because you are never going to know what you are going to get!


Testing Testing 1..2…3 Alignment Queens

Join us on our second to last part of the longest rant ever!! Where we talk about life possibly being a test and get into the infamous gut feeling !
  1. Testing Testing 1..2…3
  2. The Chosen Ones
  3. Fate & Destiny
  4. The Crowns Are Down
  5. Alignment Queens (Trailer)

The Crowns Are Down

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Alignment Queen’s launch ! Hope you enjoy our first episode of the podcast and accept our free flowing goofy energy of wisdom. Also enjoy the new recipe of greatness called “The SetUp” which, Lianna & I enjoyed together by accident, haha.


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