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  • Keep Going, Swholemate

    Keep Going, Swholemate

    An OG Swholemate shares a break through that speaks of her resilience and determination to live a WHOLE life. No matter what it takes…

  • Identity

    StayWhole has always worked to allow the mind a safe space to thrive. Mental wellness has always been the theme, and our OG Swholemates found a home within us. They would be vulnerable in the stories they shared and supportive in the comments they made on post. StayWhole has always offered a hand to those who felt like life’s challenges were overwhelming. They were always met with genuine love! The Mind Director, Lianna Malawski also found a safe space with StayWhole & shared two amazing blog post showing great insight of how powerful the mind really is and how it’s takes a community to help you.

  • Kintsugi

    StayWhole was dissembled and had no direction for a while until Faye Harvey, Director of Curriculum & Agriculture brought “The Garden” to our attention. The concept of presenting a mix of education, agriculture, and wellness was nothing heard of. That meeting alone sparked the new direction. Faye trusted us with her organization and StayWhole became pieced together by gold. Repurposed in order to house such a brilliant and needed presence in the community.

  • The Origin

    StayWhole was founded in 2018 while the founder, Jaitesha Hanson was in college. It was created to help bring mental health awareness to ​the Athletic Community. Fast forward to 2020 when StayWhole Media first kicked off, and you find Asia Royster, who is now the Athletic Director of StayWhole sharing her story wholeheartedly and submitting a strong stamp of transparency within our organization.

  • Huh!?


    You are truly the healers of the world when you aren’t busy cancelling people.. Seriously, what other platform pushes for captions in videos so that those with hearing disabilities can still enjoy the app! Which this made me think about podcast and how those with hearing disabilities can not enjoy them without visuals with the subtitles on. Most podcast that are not mainstream do not have visual content, which leaves a community without. Tik Tok has inspired us to start transcribing podcast episodes so that you can still be apart of the conversation!

  • The Will To Change: Journey from Fat to Healthy

    The Will To Change: Journey from Fat to Healthy

    There is a specter haunting the tiktok– the specter of body shaming. The innovate and creative ways people can tear down someone who is trying to build themselves up still amazes me. Today I saw a young man on tiktok doing one of the most vulnerable things I think you can do on a social media platform. Document your body transformation. Record your rise from the fatty ashes as the phoenix of physical perfection. Or cry trying.