Author: Tesh Hanson

  • Wholeeee Lotta Soul !

    Season 3 is back and we are ready to dive in even more into the journeys of others and learn how our stories really can make a difference in others lives by sharing them. Click here : Soul Hustle Season 3, Episode 1 – WHOLE LOTTA SOUL In the first episode back I am excited […]

  • Not A Race

    Not A Race

    Graduate school has given me the opportunity to find myself and I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have to figure out everything at once. When I see this “life of greatness” on a social media page, I have to remember that where I’m at now is great. I realize that I have to enjoy the moment, appreciate my blessings, and understand that establishing my career isn’t a race against time. 

  • The Right Platform For Creatives and Artists

    The Right Platform For Creatives and Artists

    I have always been a creative person without the confidence to share the things that I created. Creativity and art are such important parts of our culture because they are a means of communication which touches others in ways that resonate a just a little stronger.

  • Control The Hustle! Ft Rex Chapman

    “Rex and i first met when we were on the Kentucky JR All star team. We had some exhibition games in Kentucky before heading to Europe to play some games. When we checked into the hotel in Louisville they already had our room assignments. So when Rex and i met and started talking we realized […]

  • StayWhole Fam GIVEAWAY!?

    StayWhole Fam GIVEAWAY!?

    This post is all about our StayWhole Family who has consistently given us so much love and support over the past couple years! We are so thankful for you growing with us and donating to our foundation to help uplift the community!! None of it goes unnoticed. It’s GIVE AWAY TIME!!

  • Hustle Keys & Special Guest

    Hope you had a great week and your Sunday has been grounding. Last week we had the pleasure of having Anthony Colins on Get On the Line and Chris Findeisen on Soul Hustle. Special thank you to both of our guest for taking the time to add value to our lives.

  • BedTime Thots

    BedTime Thots

    Hey good humans, beautiful people. We are Alyssa and Juliette– best friends of 6 years. Your dynamic Libra/Gemini duo. Our friendship began freshman year of college when Alyssa fed lactose-intolerant Juliette, cheese. Literally the next day, we became roommates and would live together for the following 4 years. Definitely something we’ll tell you about in […]

  • Is the Rise of Technology Causing an Increase in Anxiety?

    Is the Rise of Technology Causing an Increase in Anxiety?

    By Patrick Bailey Technology is forever evolving and expanding all around us. In some ways, the rise of technology has made our lives simpler. It can be stressful waiting days to receive an important message. Snail mail (mail delivered through the postal service) can take days or even weeks to reach your mailbox. Today, we […]

  • Tips to Stop Stress and Anxiety from Affecting your Productivity

    Tips to Stop Stress and Anxiety from Affecting your Productivity

    Stress is possibly the most common mental disorder in adults today, with almost every person experiencing a certain type of stress throughout their lives. If it is moderate, stress can improve our productivity. However, if we fail to find proper ways to deal with stress, leaving it to rule our everyday lives, it will most […]