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  • Wholeeee Lotta Soul !

    Season 3 is back and we are ready to dive in even more into the journeys of others and learn how our stories really can make a difference in others lives by sharing them. Click here : Soul Hustle Season 3, Episode 1 – WHOLE LOTTA SOUL In the first episode back I am excited […]

  • GIANNIS ?!

    GIANNIS ?!

    What’s up StayWhole Fam!! We are back at it with Season 2 of Get On The Line & Soul Hustle !! ​

  • Huh!?


    You are truly the healers of the world when you aren’t busy cancelling people.. Seriously, what other platform pushes for captions in videos so that those with hearing disabilities can still enjoy the app! Which this made me think about podcast and how those with hearing disabilities can not enjoy them without visuals with the subtitles on. Most podcast that are not mainstream do not have visual content, which leaves a community without. Tik Tok has inspired us to start transcribing podcast episodes so that you can still be apart of the conversation!

  • Trust Yo Gut

    Trust Yo Gut

    Today we released the last part titled “Trust Yo Gut” and we explore our intuition and consciousness. Sometimes you just know you are suppose to be where you are and no one understands that but you.. How interesting is that? That flow of awareness that blinds you to the point it controls your life and leads you towards your destiny… Life is a gift.. It’s your perception that shapes your experience..

  • Alexandra Renae

    Alexandra Renae

    Being a 5’ 10”, multicultural, multiracial, multi spiritual, bisexual shows were everything and nothing in this vast universe. The earth was here before humans and It created our bodies. And whether you believe it or do not the bodies were given to us by mother earth.

  • Has my ADHD been taken for granted?

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, where does it come from? From looking at many research studies, psychologists can only say that it may be passed down genetically and that if a parent were to have it, the child is likely to as well. Is it solely based on our genes, or is it something else entirely; possibly something to do with our environment and its chemical make-up or our environment in the sense of nature versus nurture?

  • The Will To Change: Journey from Fat to Healthy

    The Will To Change: Journey from Fat to Healthy

    There is a specter haunting the tiktok– the specter of body shaming. The innovate and creative ways people can tear down someone who is trying to build themselves up still amazes me. Today I saw a young man on tiktok doing one of the most vulnerable things I think you can do on a social media platform. Document your body transformation. Record your rise from the fatty ashes as the phoenix of physical perfection. Or cry trying.



    StayWhole Media Is home to all things creative. We strongly believe that self expression in any form can be beneficial to boosting your mental health! One of the areas we are focused on growing right now is our podcast network! Right now we have 6, but we will continue to grow and expand all over […]

  • Not A Race

    Not A Race

    Graduate school has given me the opportunity to find myself and I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have to figure out everything at once. When I see this “life of greatness” on a social media page, I have to remember that where I’m at now is great. I realize that I have to enjoy the moment, appreciate my blessings, and understand that establishing my career isn’t a race against time. 

  • The Right Platform For Creatives and Artists

    The Right Platform For Creatives and Artists

    I have always been a creative person without the confidence to share the things that I created. Creativity and art are such important parts of our culture because they are a means of communication which touches others in ways that resonate a just a little stronger.