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  • Athlete’s Identity

    Athlete’s Identity

    Who am I? When athletes answer this question, it is simple. I am an athlete. What makes you an athlete? This one is a bit more challenging. What makes us an athlete could be many things, it may be the time commitment that has been put towards the sport, their passion for the game, the…

  • Trevond Barnes IS More Than the Game

    Trevond Barnes IS More Than the Game

    Wisdom knows no age, wisdom knows no boundaries, wisdom knows no limits. The other day I got the privilege to meet with the master mind behind More To The Game and one thing I can truly, full heartedly say, is this man IS his brand. Through and through.

  • What Is A StayWhole?

    What Is A StayWhole?

    Want to know where StayWhole came from? Read this story to find out!!

  • Speak UP & Speak OUT

    Speak UP & Speak OUT

    Following the black out Tuesday on social media the energy of Instagram began to shift as people began to tell their stories and voice experiences from being apart of the minority community. While scrolling I came across a good friend of mines post about his experience being black in America, but before we dive into…

  • Inspired by Ben

    Inspired by Ben

    By, Ben Ruvo It was the summer going into sophomore year of high school. I was on vacation, I had a great girlfriend, I was getting good grades, and had a loving and supportive family. Little did I know I would find myself a year later, bed ridden and anxious, struggling to get up each…

  • #SmallTalk


    It’s been amazing to see the class of 2013 prosper in more ways than just on the court! To see everyone making an impact and giving back to the very community that helped us get where we want to go is AMAZING! With that said I am super excited to talk about one of the…

  • Vasilis

    Featuring – Vasilis Patras (IG: vasilispat) My name is Vasilis and I’m a pro basketball player playing for PAS Giannina located in Ioannina Greece. I was playing on a team when things weren’t really good and I had to return home. I was so depressed and kept everything to myself. So, I had taken a…

  • Maliyah Perry

    We have officially launched the athletic department of StayWhole and what better way to celebrate than introducing a new member to the #Swholete Family and sharing her story. Maliyah is a Tampa native, model, poet, and recently just signed to Rollins to continue her basketball career! We have had many amazing stories from athletes sharing…

  • Q&A with Mykia Jones

    Mykia Jones has an energy that can help transcend this world in the right direction. It was nearly impossible to ignore her genuine presence after coming across an interview of her. She spoke with love, passion, transparency, and understanding. She was real, and that is something that continues to fade as we all get caught…

  • The Mind Behind “Be Inspired”

    Brandy Montgomery graduated from Auburn University and is currently getting ready for year three playing professional basketball overseas. While preparing for Greece she has taken the time to share her story and reveal what pushed her to create “Be Inspired”. StayWhole is grateful to have Brandy apart of our foundation and has enjoyed watching her…