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    StayWhole Media Is home to all things creative. We strongly believe that self expression in any form can be beneficial to boosting your mental health! One of the areas we are focused on growing right now is our podcast network! Right now we have 6, but we will continue to grow and expand all over…

  • Bottled Up?! Here is a Fun Way to Manage Stress!

    Bottled Up?! Here is a Fun Way to Manage Stress!

    Happy Friday Soul Hustlers! As promised here is one of the coping techniques we talked about on the last episode of our podcast. It helps those of you who are possibly stressed out or suppress a lot of your emotions. Also, if you didn’t hear the stress management episode click the link above!

  • What Is A StayWhole?

    What Is A StayWhole?

    Want to know where StayWhole came from? Read this story to find out!!

  • BedTime Thots

    BedTime Thots

    Hey good humans, beautiful people. We are Alyssa and Juliette– best friends of 6 years. Your dynamic Libra/Gemini duo. Our friendship began freshman year of college when Alyssa fed lactose-intolerant Juliette, cheese. Literally the next day, we became roommates and would live together for the following 4 years. Definitely something we’ll tell you about in…

  • I Am A Black Man

    I Am A Black Man

    I have no idea of what it might feel like to be a black man in America, but from speaking to them and having an African American father who has shared his experiences with me I know that it can’t be easy. To live in fear over simple things like going for a jog, walking…

  • Mixed, but finally whole

    Mixed, but finally whole

    On paper I am more white than I am black. In appearance I don’t match the way my mom or my sister look. I have curly corse hair. I have “darker” skin. They have straight hair and light skin. I grew up in a town at least 80% white. I did not look like any…

  • Speak UP & Speak OUT

    Speak UP & Speak OUT

    Following the black out Tuesday on social media the energy of Instagram began to shift as people began to tell their stories and voice experiences from being apart of the minority community. While scrolling I came across a good friend of mines post about his experience being black in America, but before we dive into…

  • Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter

    Today we are not only advocating for mental health, but for the African American Community that is faced with injustice and inequality throughout our country. StayWhole Foundation will do our part in fighting for justice for George Floyd and we ask that you join us and take peaceful actions by petitioning or donating to the…

  • Emilie Moore

    “To live what is right and to let what is false die, that is the art of life.” A quote by Carl Jung that took me 33 years to internalize.  My journey hasn’t been easy. I’ve spent a lot of time striving to be someone I’m not, in the hopes of leading a “successful life.”…

  • To Die For..

    Love is just one of those things all five of our senses crave. The smell of the scent that blows in right before you see them. The smoothness of their skin as you rub against it. The taste of their lips and the look in their eyes you receive that just brings life to your…