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    It’s #givingtuesday & we want you to know how we want to elevate The Bay!!! Mind StayWhole Mind programs will impact the Tampa community through all aspects of mental wellness. Retreats, educational classes, mentorship and more. The mind is where we live our lives. It needs to be a safe space . Body The Body […]

  • Identity

    StayWhole has always worked to allow the mind a safe space to thrive. Mental wellness has always been the theme, and our OG Swholemates found a home within us. They would be vulnerable in the stories they shared and supportive in the comments they made on post. StayWhole has always offered a hand to those who felt like life’s challenges were overwhelming. They were always met with genuine love! The Mind Director, Lianna Malawski also found a safe space with StayWhole & shared two amazing blog post showing great insight of how powerful the mind really is and how it’s takes a community to help you.

  • Kintsugi

    StayWhole was dissembled and had no direction for a while until Faye Harvey, Director of Curriculum & Agriculture brought “The Garden” to our attention. The concept of presenting a mix of education, agriculture, and wellness was nothing heard of. That meeting alone sparked the new direction. Faye trusted us with her organization and StayWhole became pieced together by gold. Repurposed in order to house such a brilliant and needed presence in the community.

  • The Origin

    StayWhole was founded in 2018 while the founder, Jaitesha Hanson was in college. It was created to help bring mental health awareness to ​the Athletic Community. Fast forward to 2020 when StayWhole Media first kicked off, and you find Asia Royster, who is now the Athletic Director of StayWhole sharing her story wholeheartedly and submitting a strong stamp of transparency within our organization.

  • Life Force

    StayWhole has always championed the freedom to create, share, or voice our commonalities and uncertainties. Let it be from the StayWhole Crew directly or our amazing Swholemates..