Laith Zalloum

🐝 Q & A with Laith Zalloum 🐝

IG Name: laithkz

Former Men’s Basketball Player

How Do You Feel About Mental Health?

Mental Health is so important to me because it affects our everyday lives greatly, without a good mental state that you are comfortable with life is much harder than it should be and as an athlete, if you don’t feel good, you have no motivation to play.

Have You Ever Dealt With Mental Health/ Depression?

Yes, i have dealt with depression during my freshman year, i chose going to UNF and trying to get a walk-on spot on the team and coach didn’t even grant me a chance saying he doesn’t do walk-ons, and after relentless pleading and many communications with him and other personnel i gave up at the time and fell into a depression, that is when i didn’t want to play basketball ever again and i just felt like absolute crap. but being in that depressive state brought out something in me that didn’t wanna give up, i sought help on campus and talked to Tesh! and decided to go pro and got a bunch of offers when i declared!

Did you reach out for help?

I did reach out for help! i went to a counselor in my university named Liz Arflin, she is one of the most amazing people I have met and she helped me so much and continues to help me a lot to this day.

Do you feel like mental health should be taken more seriously with student athletes? Why?

I absolutely believe that mental health should be a MUCH larger topic of conversation when it comes to student athletes, we go through so much pressure and i feel like we have the potential to burst much easier, but we should really really emphasize mental health in athletics.

What Are You Currently Doing With Your life?

Right now i’m finishing my degree and preparing to get surgery on my ankle in the next 2 weeks and i’m excited about the potential of coming back stronger than ever!

Fun Facts

  • I got my first dunk as a 6’2 220 pound 14 year old
  • I’m a double major in transportation and logistics and also marketing and i currently have a part time job with the biggest logistics company in the world (crowley)
  • I read A LOT

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