When we first started the StayWhole blog we had a section called “We Are Creatives” and the very first piece was about Adorabella! A Tampa Bay music artist who was on the rise & still is if I might add. Since then she has dropped in album on apple music and some videos to go with it. Do you guys follow her on Tik Tok? She is hilarious!! If you haven’t read that piece we have added it below.

The real reason we are revisiting this awesome individual is to show love on her new clothing line dedicated to suicide awareness called LonelyKidz, where some of the proceeds will go to a charity or foundation to help fight the mental health stigma! To know why this is so important to her please read her story below and give her a follow in the social media realm! The launch of her items will be on June 1st!


Fact: love cars and would love to be a NASCAR driver

A picture speaks a thousand words, or does it? When you look at her Instagram, hear her music, and see her performances. You see Adorabella’s strength, inspiration, power, and passion roaring out of her. From the outside looking in, you never stop to wonder if this healing energy has faced any dark times. When in actuality, this Tampa creator has had her battles with mental health and even lost someone extremely close to her to the mental health fight. Adorabella took the time to share her story with us and speak about the way mental health impacts the creative community. I am honored to share Adorabella’s story, which brought me to tears but inspired me to keep fighting for my peace and keep helping others to find their peace. Her voice will not only be heard through ear phones and speakers around the world, but also in the mental health community where she will impact even more individuals who feel alone. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us. You are the light we need during these confusing times.

“What Makes You Vulnerable Makes You Beautiful “

– Brene Brown

*Warning: Video contains triggering content about suicide and if you are not in the space to watch it, please don’t or do so with a loved one with you to support you*

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 24hrs : 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line : The organization’s services are available 24 hours a day every day, throughout the US by texting 741741, Canada by texting 686868, and the United Kingdom by texting 85258.

Mental Health VS Creatives

Fact: I absolutely love Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison

How do you feel about the stigma about mental health? 

Honestly people with negative things to say just don’t fully understand and that’s okay to not understand but you can’t knock someone that actually is going through something. I always say people won’t understand till they’re in your shoes or they witness first hand someone they genuinely love go through it. It’s not something that’s easy to understand and after years of hearing people bash the mental health community I’ve just stop having pointless arguments with people. They love labeling us as “crazy people” as if mental health is a choice. There’s also the people that run around claiming to be “crazy” that kind of make people who are actually suffering look bad. People who genuinely suffer from mental illness know that it’s a stressful thing to deal with. It’s not just a trend to us. Some of us actually take medicine or see different types of psychologist and psychiatrist. But once again people who talk negatively don’t understand cause it’s not them and we can’t blame them for not understanding. 

Fact: I have a healing soul / energy.

How do you feel about mental health in the creative community ? 

Lately more and more creatives have spoke up and spoke out about having mental illness and I think it brings a sense of unity. People never know what you’re going through unless you say something and so many people suffer in silence. I’m happy to see that people can find a way to channel their “illness”. It’s not easy being so open to something that’s usually frowned upon. But I’m happy when I see people come together and work together and in the middle of a session they get into deep conversation and realize “we’re actually more alike than I thought”. A tighter bond is created when someone really understands that it takes a lot for someone to let you into that part of their life. 

Keep In Touch

IG: adorabella.x – www.instagram.com/adorabella.x

Twitter: YERRRbella – www.twitter.com/yerrrbella

SoundCloud: Adorabella Einstein – https://soundcloud.com/adorabella-capone

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