What is Failure???

Fear of failure usually keeps us stuck right where we are – in the safety of our comfort zones. Our good friend the ‘Ego’ supports this with negative self-talk and reaffirms our fears on a daily basis. In a world where many of us feel paralysed by the fear of failure, I decided to rethink the way I look at failure. So, I got to thinking about what failure really was and this is what I came up with. I believe that failure results from an energy shift. Take a moment to take that in. But what does that even mean? Failure typically is seen to be something that we don’t or succeed at. Not passing the test, or winning the race. Not making as much money as we wanted. Not having the business of our dreams. We experience failure when we feel we are not living up to the expectations of ourselves and others around us. So what if we never really fail at anything? What if we simply choose to shift the focus of our attention onto something else and the situation we then perceive as failure, is no longer consuming us. What if we even knew we were going to fail because we didn’t study for the test, we never trained properly for the race and we didn’t put in the hours that we needed to create a successful business.

At this point you have to ask yourself, do you really want what you are trying so hard to have? Does the fear of failure mean that you are chaining yourself to something that no longer serves you? Are you holding on because you are afraid of letting go? There is a difference in running away and being out of energetic alignment with what you desire. Choosing to stop doing something that you are no longer in energetic alignment with does not make you a failure. We are all capable of achieving anything we put our minds to, that is true by the definition of the law of attraction. We get to choose where our energy goes and when our energetic actions are compounded enough times, success is inevitable. Failure then becomes a choice, determined by our intention. It is a realisation that what you were working for no longer serves you and you have a choice to focus your energy on something that lights you up beyond your wildest dreams. Failure, by this definition is an opportunity to succeed in something you love. And by that definition, I encourage you to fail as much as you can, every single day. Be in Touch!

@Vixengard @Takehertothemooncoaching

Vicki Ravangard

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