Black Lives Matter

Today we are not only advocating for mental health, but for the African American Community that is faced with injustice and inequality throughout our country. StayWhole Foundation will do our part in fighting for justice for George Floyd and we ask that you join us and take peaceful actions by petitioning or donating to the cause. We understand that this does not give him his life back, but it will help to keep this type of situation from happening again.

We will not stay silent on these issues. We stand 100% with the Black Lives Matter Movements and will use our platforms to educate and create a safe place to discuss sensitive topics as such. StayWhole Media has a blog section called People Are People where all walks of life can share their stories about the inequality and injustice they have faced. As well as educated pieces will be presented in the hopes of bringing awareness to those who may not understand.

Most importantly we hope that each and everyone of you is taking care of your mental health, as well as checking on your loved ones around you. At the end of the day we are all human, and when one is hurt. We are all hurting.

With peace & love,


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