StayWhole Wellness & Media, LLC Kick Off!!

Hey Staywhole fam while we were in hibernation many things has been in the works ! Yes we have a new podcast and rejuventating the old, but we have also decided to create the StayWhole Wellness & Media, LLC which will be providing many different services. From books to webinars, counseling, coaching, books, merchandise and more. This will help us to give back even more through the foundation because a percentage of the proceeds will go directly to our foundation and help us with programming and so much more!

We are also working on the new website for the LLC and cleaning up the foundation website to match our new energy.

ALSO! Thank you so much, Staywhole Fam for raising over our goal of $400 for the back to school fundraiser to help feed kids. We have 8 days left and every penny is apprecitated. Click on the link below to help feed kids and feed your soul!

Stay on the look out for out food shopping video as well to see all the things we are able to get!

Show? Podcast? Both?

With the launch of Soul Hustle & the relaunch of Get On The Line we have decided to add in like videos of us recording the episodes so you can be present with us and see the madness!!

Get On The Line will be airing every Wednesday at 8 am and is available on all platforms. Click on the link below and subscribe so you never miss an episode !

Soul Hustle will be airing every Monday at 8 am and is available on Spotify, Google Podcast, Breakers, and Radio Public for now! They are getting distributed to Apple and a few more this week so be patient with us! Until then go check out the live versions on StayWhole Media Youtube and subscibe to our channel so you don’t miss out on a thang!

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